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Formerly the Office of Phyllis M. Schaub, DDS

Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Mission Viejo, CA

Helping You Understand Dental Care

Whether it’s a question about our services or just dental health in general, you can always count on Dr. Palmer and the rest of our team to provide the answers you’re looking for! Here are some of the questions that we’ve heard most often from patients who have visited our dental office in the past.

Why Do I Need to See a Dentist Twice a Year?

One appointment every six months may seem pretty frequent compared to how often you need a general checkup. However, a lot of plaque and tartar can build up on your teeth in just six months, and they need to be removed before they lead to decay. Also, we’re more likely to catch gum disease and cavities early on if we examine your mouth regularly.

What Can I Do About Crooked Teeth?

Uncomfortable metal braces aren’t your only choice for straightening teeth! You can also get Invisalign aligners, which will gently shift your teeth into place without standing out. Composite bonding and porcelain veneers can also be used to improve the appearance of crooked teeth; we’ll go over each option during a brief consultation.

How Early Should I Start My Child’s Oral Care?

As soon as possible! Make sure you’re cleaning their gums with gauze or a clean damp cloth after every meal. Begin brushing their teeth as soon as they erupt and schedule a checkup for them before their first birthday. Your biannual visits are important for keeping track of your child’s oral development. Your child will need your help brushing their teeth until around their eighth birthday.

What Do Sensitive Teeth Mean?

A sensitive tooth usually means that the porous layer of the tooth known as dentin has been exposed, likely due to a fracture, cavities, or simple wear and tear of the enamel. It might also be the result of gum recession exposing the more sensitive tooth roots. It’s best to have sensitive teeth examined so that we can determine the cause and intervene if necessary.

How Can a Tooth Be Replaced?

A single tooth or several teeth in a row can be replaced by a dental bridge. Multiple gaps can be filled with a partial denture while a full denture replaces the entire row. Dental implants are highly recommended for keeping your new teeth stable and the underlying jaw healthy. These options can be explored in greater detail during an initial consultation.

Can Tooth Colored Fillings Replace Metal Ones?

Metal fillings may protect the tooth, but in terms of aesthetics they leave much to be desired. Our dental office prefers to use tooth-colored composite fillings for this very reason, and we’d be happy to replace old metal fillings, whether it’s out of necessity or simply to improve your smile’s appearance.

Will You Take My Insurance?

We welcome many different insurance plans and will always take care of the process of filing a claim for you. We encourage you to call with your insurance information so that we can confirm that we’ll be able to accept your insurance on the day of your appointment as well as potentially discuss other financial options.